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(Review 8 - by John Williamson, UK, Europe)

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quote start...This is a fine novel. It is intelligently written and is witty and funny. I hope Charles Patterson is pleased with the result because I can't wait to find out how Tom's life progresses...quote end

Rating : 9.0

 Last Rites by Charles Patterson, Paperback, 6" x 9"

Booklocker, P.O.Box 2399, Bangor, ME 04402, USA. Fax: 207-262-5544. Phone: 207-262-9696. Publication Date 2007. 296 pages, ISBN-10: 1601453124; ISBN-13: 978-1601453129. List Price: $15.95

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Last Rites by Charles Patterson
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Last Rites is a novel I enjoyed from cover to cover. Although it may give the wrong impression when I say that Last Rites reads like a top drawer autobiography it should not do so. This book is a delightful family story of Tom Reed, his early life and his struggles to find himself at his "Great Christian school", college and then onwards to what he thought was his calling. Religious detail is so complete that it had me believing it to be all true from page one. Is it just possible that Charles Patterson is drawing on his past or from someone close to him!

I loved Tom Reed's days at St George's although for a moment or two I was expecting the arch cad Flashman to appear! I need not have worried; it was quite exquisite. I adore happy surprises-good old Father Edward.

Sister Agatha Williamson's appearance worried me, especially when I noted that she was English. I do hope she was not a relative of mine.

I had never considered the complexities of a career as a rector. Tom's aging congregation presents him with all sorts of problems and confessionals with one member of his flock are both frightening and hilarious.

Charles continues to use his superb command of the English language to its best effect. "The Dean had mastered the appearance of warmth and closeness while withholding its substance" and "Behind the fašade of his bonhomie he was as cunning as a serpent". I would have liked to have those two phrases tucked away up my sleeve in my younger days!

Tom's loves and hopes add to the intrigue and I was left constantly wondering when love would find him. The author's passion for animals is here with shades from his last superb book 'Eternal Treblinka'.

This is a fine novel. It is intelligently written and is witty and funny. I hope Charles Patterson is pleased with the result because I can't wait to find out how Tom's life progresses.

-John Williamson
John Williamson

John Williamson was a member of the British Fire & Rescue Service serving in England and Scotland for almost 37 years holding all substantive ranks from firefighter to Assistant Chief Fire Officer. He served in Strathclyde, Grampian and Lancashire. He commanded the fire service attendance to the Piper Alpha disaster in 1988 which claimed 167 lives and also directed firefighting operations on scene at the Ocean Odyssey drilling rig fatal blow-out in the same year.
He was the fire service commander at the Chinook helicopter crash on the Mull of Kintyre in 1994, which killed 29 people and included terrorism specialists from the RUC, SAS and other Government agencies. He attended the Twin Towers in New York City the week after the attack along with members of New York Fire Dept and he also represented the British Chief Fire Officer's Association at the memorial service at Yankee stadium.
In 2004, John set up his company UK FireSkills Ltd in the North of England to provide professional services in a wide range of issues involving fire. These include fire risk assessment and building fire safety as well as fire investigation. John specialises in fatal fires and in particular the similarities between homicidal and suicidal fires where fire is used as a weapon. He has provided expert evidence in for the courts in England, Scotland, and Ireland as well as lecturing at home and abroad in these subjects.
John has a Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Medicine and is a Master of Science. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Fire Safety Managers and is the current Chairman. He is also a Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers. John is a member of the Chief Fire Officers Association in the UK and he is the North Western Regional representative of the International Association of Arson Investigators.
John can be contacted at His personal website can be accessed by clicking here.

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