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Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Contributing Partners

Gyan Fernando, UK

 Gyan Fernando, MB, BS, MD, FRCPath, DMJ
Home Office Pathologist
Devon & Cornwall
E-mail Dr. Fernando

Dr. Gyan Fernando was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) in 1949.

His early education was in a Catholic school and in 1968 he entered the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ceylon, Colombo. Extra curricular activities, notably editing the student "rag" was more important to him than studies. This led to failing Anatomy and Biochemistry. He never failed another examination. However, he considers the five years spent in medical school to have been the best years of his life.

In 1973, to the relief of his parents, he qualified as a doctor. Soon afterwards he got married to Ranji, a fellow medical student. He is still married to her. Because of living well away from their parents, the marriage survived the first few crucial years and a son was born in 1976.

After a short spell in general medical and obstetric jobs he opted for Forensic Medicine purely because no one wanted the forensic job in a remote but beautiful part of the country where he wanted to live.

In 1978 he moved to Britain where he soon discovered that training in Forensic Medicine did not exist. Wisely he decided on Histopathology and in 1984 obtained Membership of the Royal College of Pathologist by examination. (Later, "having furthered the interests of the College" without getting into trouble, he was made a Fellow.)

In 1985 he obtained the Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence and was appointed the Senior Forensic Pathologist to the University of Dundee and very soon took over as caretaker head of department. In 1989 he was appointed Senior Lecturer in Forensic Medicine, University of Edinburgh.

At present he is the Home Office appointed Consultant Forensic Pathologist for Devon and Cornwall in which post he has been in since 1993.

As a firm believer that "autopsy" means "seeing for oneself" and not gathering knowledge from books, he has always been a hands-on pathologist and has very little respect for academics. Another of his pet dislikes is bureaucracy.

Over the years he has surrounded himself with books mostly of humorous and satirical writing, favourite authors being P.G.Woodhouse and James Thurber. He also has a fondness for cartoons. Since his school days he has been interested in railways and combines holiday travel with study of railways.

Ramesh Kaul, USA

 Ramesh Kaul, MD., MS., FCCP
E-mail Dr. Kaul

Dr. Ramesh Kaul was born and brought up in India, where he qualified in medicine and surgery from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Later he obtained his post-doctoral qualification in otorhinolaryngology from the same institute. A man of many interests and tastes, he is widely known among his peers as the modern Leonardo da Vinci. He is Board Certified in Pulmonary Medicine, and is currently working as a pulmonologist in the US. His several fields of interest include investigations into metabotropic receptors. He runs his own sites on lung cancer. Among his best known and widely respected sites are and and He lives in Pittsburgh and New Castle.

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