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Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
Anil Aggrawals internet journal

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Editorial Team

Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Volume 3, Number 1, January - June 2002




  1. Ndubuisi Eke Erotic Deaths

    by N. Eke, FRCSEd, FWACS, FICS
    Urology Unit, Department of Surgery, University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

    Ndubuisi Eke
  2. Hassan Vatandoost Study of poisoning in adults at Poison Control Center, Loqman Hakeem Hospital, Tehran, Iran

    by Hassan Vatandoost and Seyed Mostafa Mirakbari
    Tehran, Iran

  3. Hidenari Sato Nested RT-PCR to detect mRNA in formalin-fixed human cardiac tissue

    by Hidenori Sato, Satoshi Fujiwara, Kyoko Terada, Yuichiro Sato, Yuko Tuto and Akiyoshi Nishimura
    Department of Legal Medicine, Yokohama City University, School of Medicine, Japan

    Hidenari Sato
  4. P.K.Paliwal Pederasty - A Strange Case Of Lust Murder

    by P.K.Paliwal, Basant Lal Sirohiwal, Bharat Bhushan Sharma and D.R.Yadav
    Deptt. of Forensic Medicine, Pt. B.D.S. PGIMS, Rohtak, India


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 N. B. There is an ongoing contest regarding the best paper and thesis hosted in this issue. The winner in each category (paper and thesis) would be decided by an online poll till 12 midnight (Indian Standard Time) on 30 June 2002, and would be given a scroll of honor. An internet ballot box has been maintained at the bottom of each paper and thesis. You may want to cast your vote on each paper and thesis you visit. The vote may be cast even after the deadline, in which case, it would be used to decide another contest - the best paper and thesis of the decade.

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 Paper Submission Guidelines

 Brief Communications

(This section includes brief communications such as summary of conference proceedings, interesting and hilarious personal experiences, travels, new teaching methods in forensic science and medicine, administrative problems and how to tackle with them etc.)

  1. Guido Lombardi A Brief report on the IV World Congress on Mummy Studies
    by Guido P. Lombardi, MD, MA
    Associate Researcher, Cátedra Pedro Weiss, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
    Jose Olaya 135, Salamanca, Lima - 3, Perú
    Guido Lombardi


 Conference News

Forthcoming Forensic Conferences

Do you know of a future forensic conference which doesn't appear in the above pages? Well, why don't you tell us and we would be glad to put the relevant information on our pages. If the conference has a site, let us know of the site address, and we would place a link to that site.

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 Letter From America

(This section includes special thoughts and communications from forensic and other personnel of eminence from the continent of North America. We start this column with a big name in North American Forensic Medicine - Dr. Bryan Chrz.)

  1. Bryan Chrz The New York World Trade Center attack: Forensic Experts gather to identify victims
    by Bryan Chrz D.D.S.,
    Diplomate-American Board of Forensic Odontology,
    Forensic odontologist, consultant to the Chief Medical Examiner of the State of Oklahoma, member of DMORT Region 6, deployed to NYC in response to the terrorist attacks,
    Bryan Chrz


Jay Levinson Interview
An exclusive interview with Jay Levinson,
author of the bestseller Questioned Documents - A Lawyer's Handbook
(Academic Press, 2001)
Jay Levinson

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 Stray Thoughts

Why do we need an electronic journal after all?


Professor Jagdish Chandra Professor Jagdish Chandra
(5 June 1927 - 7 January 2002)

 Next Issue Highlights (Vol. 3, No. 2 : July - December 2002)

 Cranio Cerebral Damage With Special Reference To Circle Of Willis In Fatal Road Traffic Accidents (Post-Graduate thesis) by  Avneesh Gupta, India
 Why does rigor mortis progress downwards? by  Masahiko Kobayashi, Department of Forensic Medicine, Saitama Medical School, Japan.
 Brief Communication:  Thoughts On A Visit To The Grave Of Orfila, by  John H. Trestrail, III, RPh, FAACT, DABAT, Toxicologist, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
 For the Record:  What happened in Forensic Science last year
 Book reviews of  Brain Death (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins),  Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault (Academic Press),  Clinical and Forensic Applications of Capillary Electrophoresis (Humana Press),  Forensic Interpretation of Glass Evidence (CRC Press),  Tainting Evidence: Inside the Scandals at the FBI Crime Lab (The Free Press),  Forensic Computing - A Practitioner's Guide (Springer),  ABC of Child Abuse (BMJ Books),  Crime Science - Methods of Forensic Detection (The University Press of Kentucky),  and many more books
 Reviews of Books on CD/Audio Tapes:  Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, fifteenth edition on CD-ROM (McGraw-Hill)
 Reviews of Software/Multimedia:  Interactive Foot & Ankle (Windows Version) (Primal Pictures Ltd) Tread Assistant 2002 (Tire Guides International)
 Plus all regular features

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