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Ref: Jhanjee S. Jhanjee A.  Frequently asked questions on sex by Vijay Rikh, Peepee Publishers (Book Review).  Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Book Reviews, 2005; Vol. 4, No. 1 (January - June 2005): ; Published May 12, 2005, (Accessed: 

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Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Book Reviews

Volume 4, Number 1, January - June 2005

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 Frequently asked questions on sex  by Vijay Rikh. Softcover, 5" x 8".
Peepee Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd, 7/31, First Floor, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi - 110002, India. Ph: 9811156083, 011-55195868. Email: Publication Date 2004. 186 pages, ISBN 81-88867-08-X. Price: Indian Rs 150.00
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Frequently asked questions on sex by Vijay Rikh

Sexual behaviour is ubiquitous and diverse. Whether a person is even bothered by a particular aspect of his or her sexuality is significantly influenced by extent of education about sex and surrounding cultural attitudes about sex. This book is indeed a step in the right direction as it takes care to educate and inform as well as clarify commonly prevalent sexual myths.

The book is set in a question and answer format. It addresses diverse issues like clarifying lay terminology, addressing common myths and concerns regarding the size of sexual organs, issues relating to virginity, masturbation and common sexual problems like premature ejaculation, impotence etc., clarifying anatomical details and normal physiology relating to sex. The book also talks about sex aids and advises caution in their use.

The answers are succinct, well researched and in keeping with contemporary views regarding sexual matters. Common sexual myths are addressed in an expert manner and reflect the vast experience of the author in dealing with these issues. When appropriate, expert medical consultation is also advised.

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The strengths of the book lie in the clarity of approach, appropriate level of knowledge, concise answers and the wide range of issues addressed.

The book is ideally suited and recommended for a person from any walk of life trying to find information on common and universal concerns regarding sexual matters.


The book answers a number of commonly asked questions in an easy-to-read style. Here are some samples:
Vijai Rikh
Vijay Rikh

 Dr. Rikh is a versatile writer and a voracious reader and highly experienced in sexual dysfunctions and sexually transmitted diseases. He has qualified in Allopathic as well as in Ayurvedic systems of Medicine and hence his knowledge of modern system of Medicine combined with ancient art of healing places him at a very unique place. He is a well known figure in the medical world and as a sex therapist 'par excellence'. People from every walk of life come to him for counseling and under his guidance and therapeutic advice young men with different sexual afflictions get a new lease of life.
Before the advent of modern sex therapy different sexual dysfunctions were taken as 'fait accompli' but with new techniques and sex therapy methods the scenario has dramatically changed and all sexual dysfunctions are now amenable to treatment and anybody suffering from one or the other sexual disorder is sure to lead a complete and happier and contented sex life. He may be contacted at

Question: I wonder if during oral sex, is it dangerous to swallow so many sperm at one time?

There is no evidence that swallowing semen (the fluid ejaculated by men at orgasm, which includes the sperm) is harmful to your health-unless the semen comes from someone who carries a disease that can be sexually transmitted. Diseases that can be transmitted by semen include gonorrhea, Chlamydia, hepatitis B, and possibly the AIDS virus. Moreover, just having oral contact with the genitals (without swallowing semen) can transmit herpes, syphilis, and human papillomavirus if these organisms are present. You should follow safer sex guidelines with partners unless you are certain they do not have an active stage of these diseases.

Question: I have read that one shouldn't use vacuum devices advertised to enlarge the penis, because they can damage erectile tissue. If such damage has already occurred to penile tissue, can it be surgically repaired, or is the damage irreversible? This affects me directly. What action should be taken? This is very frustrating. Your answer will help put an end to my mental and physical suffering.

Repair depends on exactly what is wrong with the penis. You will have to consult a specialist in male sexual functioning who is skilled in assessing male genital problems resulting from trauma or injury to the penis. The specialist, usually a urologist, can evaluate your condition and discuss treatment options. It is very important that you explain precisely what happened. If you still have the device, take it with you so the physician can better understand all the factors involved. Most urologists have heard about these vacuum pumps and treated injury caused by them; so don't feel too embarrassed to seek help.

Question: My question may seem very strange and odd, but t am curious about this. Concerning the size of penises: What is the largest size penis on record?

The blue whale reportedly has the largest penis, approximately 10 feet long. The longest erect human penis on record is 14 inches, documented early in the twentieth century by Dr. Robert L. Dickinson, a physician interested in sex research.

Question: I am a 20-year-old man who is having trouble having sex with young ladies because I have an overly large penis. It seems to hurt them too much. Have you ever heard of this problem? What can be done?

Are you sure the size of your penis is the problem here? Before assuming you're too large, consider some other possibilities. Maybe your partners weren't fully aroused before you attempted penetration. When a woman is sexually excited her vagina becomes lubricated and expands, making intercourse more comfortable, so that insertion and thrusting are not painful. For most women adequate foreplay is an essential part of lovemaking.

In addition to not penetrating until your partner is fully sexually aroused, you might want to try positions in which the woman can control the depth of penetration and movements. This means having your partner on top or being side-by-side. Whatever position you choose, ask whether your partner is ready to begin intercourse and let her control insertion so she can use an angle that's comfortable for her. If she feels discomfort or pain, stop deep or hard thrusting. Many women find shallow and gentle thrusting more pleasurable. If trying different techniques doesn't work, consult a sex counselor, who can offer suggestions that are specific to you and your partner.

Question: I am 28 years old and my husband is 37. We have been married for 5 years. I have a problem that may cause me to lose my husband, if I don't do something about it. It seems that my vagina is dry and I am not able to secrete fluid. I went to my doctor, but he dismissed me by saying I am too young to have such a problem. I was too embarrassed to ask any more questions. Please tell me what I can do? My doctor examined me, said there is nothing wrong and I am in good health. Obviously there is something wrong.

lt might be very helpful for you to obtain a vaginal cream containing estrogen, a female sex hormone. It is available with all the leading chemist.

If this were applied to the walls of the vagina for 3 or 4 days, and then at the rate of twice a week, it ought to increase the tone of the vagina and bring about a normal output of mucus secretions. It is true, as your doctor said, that most women do not encounter this difficulty until after the menopause when the ovaries cease producing large amounts of female sex hormones. However, some younger women do have this difficulty too. You might discuss our suggestion with your doctor and see whether he agrees that this might be a helpful course.

Question: I am 31 years old and my wife is 26. We have been married for eight years and have two children. Our sex life was normal until our second child was born four years ago. Since that time my wife has had difficulty in attaining satisfaction from marital relations. Her vagina is larger than it was before the last baby was born. She says that my organ is not large enough and that she therefore does not experience any gratification. She cannot reach a climax and her ungratified desires leave her frustrated.

The enlarged condition described in your letter is one that is quite common after childbirth. During the birth of a child there is considerable pressure against the tissues and often serious tears occur. The attending physician usually sews up these latter. Now and then even an observant doctor will not notice some of these tears. Often very small tears occur. Under favorable condition these heal and the parts return to normal size. When they fail to heal properly, a weakened and enlarged channel results.

The condition can be readily corrected by surgery that is not dangerous or serious. It is a simple operation usually performed at the surgeon's office.

Question: When I have a full erection, my foreskin retracts as it should, but the sensation isn't very pleasing. It feels very tight. Is circumcision the only solution to my problem? I'd really prefer the alternative if there is a good one.

The alternative to complete circumcision is a very minor slit in the prepuce; it's called a "dorsal slit". That can be done in the Doctor's office, in a matter of minutes, under a little local anesthetic.

The anesthetic is injected at the top of the prepuce. To visualize that, picture 12 O'clock on a dial. Two small mosquito forceps are then put on the prepuce and a small incision - one quarter to three eights of an inch long - made. The clamps are left on for five or six minutes so that there will be no bleeding and then removed.

You could not have intercourse for several days-five or six at least-until the slits are healed enough so that there would be no danger of bleeding. The operation would enlarge the opening of the prepuce so that it would then retract without any sense of tightness whatever.

The thing for you to do is to consult a urologist. Be sure you get one who is willing to do a dorsal slit, and who will not insist that the only thing to do is to have a complete circumcision. The latter is totally unnecessary if you do not want it.

Rikh goes on to describe more than three hundred questions like this in this marvellous book. Readers interested in these and other similar questions would do well to read the answers to such questions in full from this book.

-Sonali and Akash Jhanjee
Dr. Sonali Jhanjee

 Dr. Sonali Jhanjee is working as an assistant professor of psychiatry at the prestigious All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. She specializes in sex problems and their treatment. She can be contacted at

Dr. Akash Jhanjee

 Dr. Akash Jhanjee is working as a specialist in Aruna Asaf Ali Hospital, New Delhi. He specializes in sex diseases and their treatment. He can be contacted at

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