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Ref: Agarwal P.  Review of Radiology, 3rd Edition by Sumer K. Sethi. (Book Review).  Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Book Reviews, 2006; Vol. 5, No. 2 (July - December 2006): ; Published July 1, 2006, (Accessed: 

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Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Book Reviews

Volume 5, Number 2, July - December 2006

Technical Books Section

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 Review of Radiology, 3rd Edition by Sumer K Sethi, Softcover, 4.5" x 8.5".

Peepee Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd., 7/31, First Floor, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi - 110002, India. Ph: 9811156083, 011-55195868. Publication Date 2006. 244 pages, ISBN 81-88867-78-0. Price: US $ 7.00, 4.00, Indian Rs 125.00

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Review of Radiology, 3rd Edition by Sumer K. Sethi.
Cover Page of Dr. Sumer Sethi's bestselling book

(Editor's Note: Sumer Sethi's Review of Radiology is turning out to be a bestseller, breaking all records. When we reviewed the second edition of this book in this journal, the book was already doing extremely well, but no one - not perhaps even the author and the publisher - must have thought that the book would do so exceedingly well! So high were the sales, that just in one year - 2005 - three reprints of the book had to be published. Yielding to the constant demands of the radiology community around the world, the author has now come out with an updated third edition of his book. Quite obviously we did not want to invite the earlier reviewers to review this new edition (we already knew their opinion). So we looked around for a fresh reviewer and this time requested a topper student Paras Agarwal to review this book. Here is what he has to say of this book...)

Review of Radiology 3rd edition for me was a short and sweet trip to the world of this fascinating subject. It is, I believe a very thoughtful compilation of anecdotes suited for the current examination pattern, well flavored with recent and relevant advances in the subject, as would be desired by any above average student. In two words, I would rightly call this as a 'little genie'.

Though with my unbiased critical nature in evaluating a thing at hand, I would be unfeigned in picking out a few overlooked points, though as a suggestion only.

The first need, which I felt while reading this book, was that the contents page of the book could be a little more elaborate to guide the reader. Lets say for example if I am reading the urogenital system in surgery and would like to know about its radiology, I have to flip through the pages of systemic radiology section to hunt, with no index to point to a particular page, a ritual with any book. But rather than a more elaborate index, I thought it would be better to have an appendix tailed in the end for easy location of an answer. This would be perfect if listed disease-wise and or according to radiologic signs. This I am quite sure, would be a valuable addition as a time-saver for many in context with the paucity of time while preparing for PG examinations.

In Association with

I agree with the author in the point he makes in calling this a high-yield book, but I believe the 4th edition can be worked upon to make it a comprehensive one as well, that too without altering the original style.

Radiology is definitely not a regular subject discussed in detail in the undergraduate curriculum, yet undoubtedly an essential component for learning and mastering the clinics, and even more importantly cracking the competitive exams. Thus a book to be comprehensive certainly needs to start from scratch and basics of a subject, like even simple points on how to read and report an X-ray.

I personally have always liked a book that also tells 'why' and not just 'what', and it would be really wonderful to know the 'why' in a subject like radiology where the diagnosis lies not in the feel of the hand or the sound of a stethoscope, but in the eyes of an expert and the sharpness of what lies between the two ears.

-Paras Agarwal

Paras Agarwal
-Paras Agarwal
Paras Agarwal, 21, is currently an undergraduate student of medicine and surgery, final professional, at the Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. An avid lover of books of all kinds, he has been the topper in most of his academic examinations. He has been the Joint Student Editor of his institution. Paras can be contacted at

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