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Editorials This journal happens to be the first - and till date the only - online journal devoted to the specialty of forensic medicine and Toxicology. It is now regularly visited by over 5000 visitors daily. These visitors are mostly forensic professionals and toxicologists from all parts of the world.

 The journal has on its editorial board, prominent forensic practitioners and toxicologists from every continent of this world. Many forensic professionals around the world now consider this journal a veritable symbol of international unity, co-operation and harmony among forensic scientists around the world.

From its very inception, the journal is featuring editorials of high quality. Each editorial is written by a forensic scientist from a different country or continent. The editorials include the fields of forensic medicine, forensic science, Toxicology, police science, criminology and allied sciences. Here are the first ten editorials done in this journal. For full index of the editorials run by this journal till date, please click on the link above.

  1. B.L.Meel, South Africa editorials A Role for Forensic Pathologists in the World: Act locally, think globally, by B.L.Meel, South Africa [Vol 1, No. 1 : January - June 2000]
  2. Anil Aggrawal, India editorials Webward Ho!, by Anil Aggrawal, India [Vol 1, No. 2 : July - December 2000]
    Anil Aggrawal
  3. Guy Rutty, UK editorials DNA contamination at scenes of crime and in mortuaries, by Guy Rutty, UK [Vol 2, No. 1 : January - June 2001]
    Guy Rutty
  4. John H. Trestrail III, USA editorials An International Database On Criminal Poisoning, by John H. Trestrail III, USA [Vol 2, No. 2 : July - December 2001]
    John H. Trestrail III
  5. Jason Payne James, UK editorials Standards Of Clinical Forensic Medical Practice in the United Kingdom, by Jason Payne James, UK [Vol 3, No. 1 : January - June 2002]
    Jason Payne James
  6. Ndubuisi Eke, Nigeria editorials Trauma, hunger and communicable disease, by Ndubuisi Eke, Nigeria [Vol 3, No. 2 : July - December 2002]
    Ndubuisi Eke
  7. John A.M. Gall, Australia editorials Wither Clinical Forensic Medicine, by John A.M. Gall, Australia [Vol 4, No. 1 : January - June 2003]
    John A.M. Gall
  8. Richard Munroe, Canada editorials Passing The Torch, by Richard Munroe, Canada [Vol 4, No. 2 : July - December 2003]
    Richard Munroe
  9. Mark Benecke, Germany editorials A Public Publication Experiment, by Mark Benecke, Germany [Vol 5, No. 1 : January - June 2004]
    Mark Benecke
  10. Daryl Clemens, USA editorials Welcome (to Crime Scene Investigation special), by Daryl Clemens, USA [Vol 5, No. 2 : July - December 2004]
    Daryl Clemens

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