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Jorge Paulete Vanrell, Brazil

 Jorge Paulete Vanrell, MD, DSc (PhD), LLB, JD, BEdSc
Forensic Examiner and Forensic Analyst
P.O. Box 816
15015-200 São José do Rio Preto, SP
E-mail Dr. Vanrell
Office +55-17-233-1733;
Home +55-17-235-2836;
Fax +55-17-233-1733;
Cell +55-17-9771-3833

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, where Dr. Vanrell initiated his scientific career, he was invited by Brazilian Gorvernment to teach and to reserch at Rio Grande do Sul, at São Paulo State, early in 1966. He graduated in Medicine, and he obtained his PhD degree in 1967. He was Fellow, Department of Pathology, Dartmouth Medical School, NH, USA (1970) and Invited Researcher, Genetics Department, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (1971). He obtained his Bachelor in Educational Sciences in 1981 and, because of his interest in Forensic Medicine, he graduated also in Laws in 1983. Since 1985 he is a member of the permanent staff of the Institute of Forensic Medicine (Instituto Médico-Legal) of the State of São Paulo and Independent Medical Examiner for the Federal Workers' Compensation Courts at the State of São Paulo. Dr. Paulete Vanrell has been interested in forensic medicine for the past twenty years and he is a member, and lecturer of the Brazilian Society of Forensic Medicine. Now he is Full Professor of Forensic Medicine in the School of Laws at São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo State, and Professor of Forensic Odontology in the Paulist University (UNIP) School of Dentistry, at São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo State. He is also Professor of Forensic Medicine and Criminology in the São Paulo State Police Academy. He has written numerous articles and is active in lectures across the country on forensic Medicine. He also acts as an expert witness in criminal and civil trials.

Hugo D. Rodríguez Almada, Uruguay

 Hugo D. Rodríguez Almada
Bulevar Artigas 1515 C.P. 11200
Telephone/Facsimile: (598-2) 4014701

Dr. Hugo D. Rodríguez Almada is a medical doctor, with a specialization in Forensic Medicine. He is working for Ministry of Justice as a Forensic Examiner. He was a member of the staff of Legal Medicine at the Medical School of the University of the Republic (Montevideo, Uruguay), and he is also Visitor Professor of the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos (Lima, Perú).

Presently, he is General Secretary of the Ibero-American Society of Medical Law and he also integrates the board of the Asociación Latinoamericana de Medicina Legal y Deontología Médica (Latin American Society of Forensic Medicine and Medical Deontology).

Dr. Rodríguez Almada integrates, as an editor, the staff of the Revista Española de Medicina Legal (Spanish Journal of Forensic Medicine) and The Red Telemática Latinoamericana de Medicina Legal, Bioética y Derecho Médico (Latin American Telematic Web of Legal Medicine, Bioethic and Medical Law). He has published several papers mainly about Paediatric Forensic Medicine (Battered Child Syndrome, Sexual Abuse and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and on Medical Law. He has also been lecturer on congresses in Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, España, México, Paraguay, Perú and Uruguay.

E-mail Hugo D. Rodríguez Almada by clicking here.

John Williamson, UK

 John G. Williamson, Dip. FM. FlFireE
Assistant Chief Fire Officer
Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service
Garstang Road,
Fulwood, Preston PR2 3LH
United Kingdom
Telephone: (01772) 862545
Fax: (01772) 866033

John Williamson joined Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service in 1967 and served throughout Lancashire. In 1979 he was promoted to Assistant Divisional Officer and transferred to Strathclyde Fire Brigade in Scotland. Operational issues were main reference areas, which included operational command and Fire Investigation. His special interest is in fatal fire investigation. He is a member of Strathclyde's Technical Support Team.
Williamson's interests include Fire Investigation, Technical Fire Safety, Community Fire Safety, Health & Safety, Litigation, Crime & Disorder liaison.
Williamson's hobbies include Music, (listening & playing) swimming and motorcycling
He is the contributing editor in our "Fire and Arson Investigation" section.

E-mail John Williamson

Daryl W. Clemens, USA

 Daryl W. Clemens
PMB 163
3923  28th St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Daryl W. Clemens has been a crime scene investigator since 1994. He is a former professional photographer, and has specialized training in fingerprint processing, bloodstain pattern analysis, and shooting reconstruction. He works several hundred cases a year, ranging from simple larcenies to multiple homicides.
Mr. Clemens is a member of the International Association for Identification, the International Crime Scene Investigators Association, the Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction, and the Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists. He is the editor of "The Examiner", the newsletter of the International Crime Scene Investigators Association and Crime and Clues.
Mr. Clemens lives in Grand Rapids, MI.

E-mail Daryl W. Clemens

Mehmet Yasar Iscan, Istanbul, Turkey

 Mehmet Yasar Iscan, Ph.D.
Adli Tip Enstitusu, PK 10,
Istanbul Universitesi 34303 Cerrahpasa,
Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: 90-212-588-0880;
Fax: 90-212-588-0011

Mehmet Yasar Iscan (Ph.D., Cornell University, 1976) is currently a professor and associate director of the Istanbul University Institute of Forensic Sciences, board certified Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Anthropology, consultant to the Turkish Ministry of Justice Council of Forensic Medicine and adjunct professor of the IU Cerrahpa_a Medical Faculty. Specializing in human osteology and forensic anthropology and human facial image identification, he has published numerous books and articles including The Human Skeleton in Forensic Medicine (with Krogman WM), CC. Thomas, 1986; Age Markers in the Human Skeleton (editor), CC. Thomas, 1989; Reconstruction of Life from the Skeleton (with Kennedy KAR), John Wiley, 1989; Forensic Analysis of the Skull (with Helmer R), John Wiley, 1993, "The rise of forensic anthropology," Yrbk. Phys. Anthropol., 1988; "Medicolegal anthropology in France (with Quatrehomme G)," Forensic Sci. Int., 1999; "Forensic anthropology in Latin America (with Solla H)," Forensic Sci. Int., 2000; "Characteristics of gunshot wounds in the skull (with Quatrehomme G)," J. Forensic Sci., 1999, and various chapters in Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences, Academic Press, 2000. He is the Osteology and Anthropology editor of Forensic Science International and on the editorial board of numerous journals including Legal Medicine and Anthropological Science. He is the founder and past president of the Dental Anthropological Association, and is a fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

E-mail Dr. Iscan

John Gall, Australia

 John AM Gall, BSc, MB, BS, PhD, MACLM, DMJ (Clin & Path)
PO Box 2491,
Kew 3101,

John Gall is a Forensic Physician in private practice in Melbourne, Australia. Prior to reading medicine at the University of Melbourne, he gained a science degree with honours in biochemistry and then a doctorate in pathology. His areas of research were in the field of liver pathology with postdoctoral experience being gained in the Department of Anatomy, University of Melbourne, engaged in projects involving atrial naturetic factor and the peripolar cell. He has spent five years of formal training in anatomical pathology, two of which were in the field of forensic pathology. During his period in forensic pathology, he developed an interest in clinical forensic medicine and worked as a part-time Forensic Medical Officer with Victoria Police, and in 1996 was appointed to a full-time staff specialist post with the Division of Clinical Forensic Medicine, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM). While at the VIFM he held various hospital appointments and was an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Forensic Medicine, Monash University. In addition to providing a full range of forensic services, he was actively engaged in the teaching of medical and law students at both the University of Melbourne and Monash University, medical graduates, members of Victoria Police and other interested groups. He developed and organized an international web-based continuing education programme in forensic medicine, much of which has been published in the Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine. He also edited, taught and co-authored the subject, Custodial Medicine, in Monash University´s graduate Diploma of Forensic Medicine. Dr Gall has published widely. He resigned from the VIFM in 2001 and currently holds an appointment in the Child Protection Unit, Monash Medical Centre, and provides private general, forensic and military medical services.

E-mail Dr. Gall

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