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Marcel A. Verhoff, Germany
Marcel A. Verhoff, Germany

 Marcel A. Verhoff, MD
Institute of Legal Medicine,
University of Gießen
Frankfurter Str. 58,
35392 Gießen,
E-mail: Marcel.A.Verhoff@forens.med.uni-giessen.de
Phone: +49 641-99-41425
Fax: +49 641-99-41419
Cellular Phone: +49 177-7715669

Born 1970 at Gießen, Germany. School leaving examination: Abitur 1989. Military service 1989-1990. Studied medicine at Gießen, Kiel, and Berlin. 1999 degree of "Dr. med." (medical doctor) at the institute of physiology Gießen (Prof. Dr. E. Heerd). 1998-1999 medical assistant at the institute of pathology, "BG-Kliniken-Bergmannsheil", University of Bochum/Germany (Prof. Dr. K.-M. Müller) and psychiatric hospital "Westfälisches Zentrum für Psychiatrie", Universitiy of Bochum (Prof. Dr. Dr. T. Payk). Scientific work in Bochum: Autoptical findings after exhumations, changes in human lungs after welders dust exposition (histochemical and scan electronic microscopical examinations including energy dispersive radio micro analyses - EDX). Since 2000 medical assistant at the institute of legal medicine, University of Gießen (Prof. Dr. G. Weiler), since August 2003 specialist for legal medicine ("Facharzt für Rechtsmedizin"). At Gießen publications of different themes of legal medicine. Scientific crucial points: forensic osteology (human specification, signs of injuries and taphonomy), mtDNA sequencing from single cells, specific toxicological questions (f.e. Ethanol loss of spirituoses after flambeing). 2002 together with Dr. Kerstin Kreutz from the institute of anthropology, University of Gießen the publication of the first German speaking teaching book of forensic anthropology. Professional memberships: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Rechtsmedizin (German association of legal medicine), Berufsverband Deutscher Rechtsmediziner, Marburger Bund.

Jairo Peláez-Rincón, Colombia
Jairo Peláez-Rincón, Colombia

 Jairo Peláez-Rincón , MD
Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal y Ciencias Forenses
Regional Bogotá. Grupo de Evidencia Traza
Calle 7A N° 12-61. 4° Piso.
Bogotá, Colombia.
E-mail: jpelaez@medicinalegal.gov.co
Phone: (57-1) 406-9944 ext. 1401 / 1402.
Cellular Phone:

Mr. Peláez graduated as a chemist from Universidad Nacional de Colombia in 1989. In 1992 he joined the Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal y Ciencias Forenses in Bogotá Colombia. Since then he has worked at the Trace Evidence Group. He was trained at the forensic labs of the Metro Dade Police Department in Miami and has lectured on trace evidence at different universities and institutes in Colombia and Honduras. He has being a member of the American College of Forensic Examiners and currently maintains a blog on the web called “Jarape Forense” which is a multilingual recompilation of forensic bibliography on the web. When Jairo is not working on forensic sciences he draws cartoons for the Colombian newspaper El Espectador. His cartoons and drawings, under the pen-name Jarape, have being published, among other publications, in “The Forensic Examiner” (USA), “The Reactant” (USA), “Chem 13 News” (Canada), “The Crucible” (Canada), and Colombia Forense.

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