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 FAQs (Cont'd from Page 1)

I am a publisher of Forensic books. I have seen your book review section, and have been very much impressed by it. I want that our books should feature in your site too. What should I do for it?

Thanks for appreciating our site. You might have noticed that we publish all book reviews with the Publishers' full mailing address, their website links, ordering links, telephone and fax numbers - even logos! So readers get familiar with various publishers and can order the book online if they like the book. The idea is to increase the interaction between potential readers and buyers of books and the publishers directly. To know about details of submitting books please click here.

Is there any charge for reviewing the books?

No. This service is provided absolutely free of cost in the interest of the forensic community at large. The main idea is to make the forensic personnel around the world aware of the latest forensic literature coming out from various parts of the globe. To know the details of our aims and objectives of Book Review, please click here.

What type of books do you accept for review?

The books should be related to forensic medicine, forensic science, forensic pathology, criminology, toxicology and allied subjects. We also accept books on pathology, anatomy, osteology, embryology, pscychology, psychiatry, serology, law and other related subjets having a bearing on Forensic Science in general.

Do you review books of popular interest in your journal too?

Initially we were not doing that. But we discovered that the journal was being frequented by lot of general readers in search for forensic literature. We received a number of requests from readers to start a section on general books on true crime too. Keeping in mind the popular appeal, we started a popular book section too. For this section, we accept general books on true crime, fiction, and also books on suspense, mystery, espionage, intrigue, supernatural and horror.

Do you review Books on CD too?

Yes, we do that. If fact we have a separate section for Books on CD.

I have seen an Animated Review section in your journal. I have not seen quite like this anywhere else. What exactly is an animated review?

Animated Book Review is a fancy name created by this webmaster to indicate those reviews in which a number of pictures from the reviewed book are shown to the reader in a conveyor belt like fashion, or in other fascinating or eye-catching ways. In this way - besides attracting attention - a great number of pictures can be shown, which is otherwise not possible, or possible only by consuming a lot of "physical space". CDs, Atlases and Books with a high pictorial content are very suitable for Animated Reviews. Only this kind of material is considered for reviews in this section. To visit the section on Animated Reviews, click here.

Animated Review section looks quite interesting to me. How can I submit material for this section?

Not all material is taken up in this section, as this takes up more bytes of costly space. As we said above, only a selected number of material is accepted under this category. If you have produced a CD with lots of pictues, Atlases with high quality photographs, or a book with high pictorial content, these materials could be accepted for reviews under this section.

I have seen a Reviews with Quizzes section in your journal. I have not seen quite like this anywhere else. What exactly are these?

Reviews with quizzes is a special feature of this journal. In these types of reviews, about 15-20 questions in the form of multiple choice questions are asked from the reader. The questions are based on the content of the book. Thus the reader tests himself on this subject. If he gets a high score, he may decide he does not need the book. Solving the quiz can be fun, whether or not the reader decides to buy the book. To visit the section on Reviews with quizzes, click here.

I am a professor/student of Forensic science/medicine/pathology and I want to buy a good book on Forensic Osteology/Forensic Radiology/Postmortem Techniques/etc. Somebody asked me check out your book review site to decide on the best book to buy. But when I visited the site, I was quite lost in the mass of books that are hosted there. How do I find books of my interest?

You probably searched our index by Publishers. For readers and potentital buyers, the best way to search for our cumulative index is to search by subject. We have divided our books in two major headings - General and technical. If you are a professional and looking for technical books, please search our index by Technical Subjects. On the contrary, if you are a general reader (or a professional hunting for books on forensic medicine for casual reading), you must search our index by general subjects. To do that Click here.

We have developed a very good software for blood spatter interpretation, but not many forensic professionals are aware of this product. Somebody told me to contact you to popularize it. I would be grateful if you can run a review of our software in your site?

To know how to submit Forensic software for review, please click here.

We are marketing CDs/DVDs/Video cassettes related to forensic medicine. How can we have these products featured on your site?

We have classified them as multimedia. To know how to submit Forensic multimedia for review, please click here.

We are publishing a journal of forensic medicine/toxicology and we want to have it featured on your site. What should we do?

Please send all copies appearing in the last year, and we would do the needful.

Is this journal indexed by Index Medicus?

Not yet. But I have been in touch with Index Medicus, and I understand that the journal would be indexed by them by the end of this year. The journal is already indexed by EMBASE, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) and several other reputed indexing services. Details of all indexing services which currently index our journal are given on the home page of the journal. For more detailed information on the indexing of electronic journals, you may want to visit the Index Medicus site.

How many visitors access this site daily?

We have a counter installed at the bottom of every page, and the best thing is to check it yourself. Visit the journal on any two subsequent days and note the counter readings on both days. The difference in counter readings would give you the number of visitors during the last day. We have done that a number of times, and think that about 5000 visitors visit our pages daily.

Does this journal have an ISSN number?

Yes, the journal has two ISSN numbers - one for the CD version and another for online. The ISSN for CD version is 0972-8066, and for online version it is 0972-8074. These numbers are displayed at the home page too.

But my question does not appear in this list.

Check out if it is in other pages. If it does not appear even there, please click the E-mail link given below and send the question directly to me.

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