Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine, Vol 11, No. 1, (January - June 2010): Interview with Basil M RuDusky
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Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Volume 11, Number 1, January - June 2010

Interview with Dr. Basil M RuDusky

Basil M RuDusky
Basil M RuDusky
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Forensic Cardiovascular Medicine
Forensic Cardiovascular Medicine, the best selling book by RuDusky. Click cover to read its review

Dr. Basil M RuDusky M.D. is in the private practice of cardiology, internal medicine and forensic medicine in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. His notable career has spanned a period of 43 years, earning him a national and international reputation. He has authored 79 articles and publications, including 2 short stories, 1 poem, 3 books and a book chapter on exercise in the diabetic patient, in the book “Diabetes Without Complications”. His most recent achievement is the publication of the world’s first textbook on the subject, “Forensic Cardiovascular Medicine,” by CRC Press. The book includes a full reprint of his paper “Classification of Myocardial Contusion and Blunt Cardiac Trauma” – the world’s first complete classification of that subject. It won rave reviews in a previous issue of this journal. His previously published books are titled “Your Car Can Be Hazardous to Your Health,” and “The Carcinoid Syndrome – A Medical, Social and Political Odyssey”. Included in his bibliography are 6 “firsts” in the world’s medical literature and 5 original research projects, one of which is the world’s largest study on “Errors of Computer Electrocardiography”.

His honors and awards are legion and have included “The Honors Achievement Award” given by the Purdue – Frederick Corporation and the American College of Angiology, the honors achievement award by the International Biographical Institute (Cambridge, England), and being listed in the Guide to America’s Top Physicians and the Guide to Top Cardiologists by the Consumer Research Council, Washington, D.C.

Dr. RuDusky has served in numerous consulting positions for various government agencies, large corporations, insurance companies and independent medical service agencies. He has served on the manuscript review board for several medical journals and is associate editor of Angiology, the Journal of Vascular Diseases, published by Sage Publications, with worldwide distribution. Dr. RuDusky’s medical and science – associated memberships and fellowships are as extensive as his accolades and commendations, lending further stature to his international reputation in clinical and forensic cardiovascular medicine. He is privileged to hold fellowships in the American College of Angiology, the American Society of Angiology, the American College of Physicians, the College of Chest Physicians, the American College of Cardiology, the American Geriatric Society and the American College of Forensic Examiners.

Dr. RuDusky is an Honors graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and received his medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, following which he served three years as a general medical officer in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. His post-graduate training in internal medicine, cardiology and cardiovascular research was completed at Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

We at the "Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology" became interested in him because of his seminal work entitled Forensic Cardiovascular Medicine (CRC Press, 2009). The editor-in-chief himself approached Dr. RuDusky for an intimate interview. Some excerpts....)
Dr. RuDusky examining a patient (Click picture to enlarge)
Dr. RuDusky examining a patient (Click picture to enlarge)

Q.  1. Tell us something about your book. How did the idea of writing this book come to you?

A. Basil M RuDusky "Forensic Cardiovascular Medicine" is the world’s first textbook on this subject (from a purely medical point of view). After 35 years of dealing with medical-legal problems it became apparent that physicians and attorneys often needed academic direction based on science and medical protocol. It is a necessary step for the medical, legal, and judicial professions, as well as students involved in these professions. Following a 4 ½ hour deposition on a case of blunt cardiac trauma resulting in death, I realized that a classification was needed in order to assist physicians and attorneys in making their medical diagnoses and prognoses on this subject, thus “The Classification of Myocardial Contusion and Blunt Cardiac Trauma” was written, published and fully reprinted in this book.

Click here to download Dr. RuDusky's CV.

Q.   2. Is this your first book? Which books have you written before?

A. Basil M RuDusky My first book is titled “Your Car Can Be Hazardous to Your Health”, (The Book Automakers and Politicians Prefer You Not Read). It describes my 15 year struggle to improve automobile ventilation systems using recirculation systems to shut-out noxious outside air and cleanse air by employing charcoal-activated micro filters. It is a book, which tells the reader how to select an automobile for reasons of one’s health. It details the basis of proper seats, headrests and the avoidance of the harmful interior new car smell. The second book reads like a mystery novel and is titled “The Carcinoid Syndrome – A Medical, Social and Political Odyssey.” It takes the reader through a long, complicated and depressive journey through the medical profession, dishonest lawyers, politicians, and a bad judicial decision.

Q.   3. How did you do research for this book? Any interesting experiences?

A. Basil M RuDusky The research was not difficult, although writing the book from onset to publication took a period of 4 years. It contained the problems I have most frequently encountered and those which were of a complicated nature from both a medical and legal standpoint. I emphasized six diagnoses which an attending or consulting physician cannot afford to miss: acute myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, dissection of the aorta, pericardial tamponade, acute mesenteric ischemia and heparin – induced thrombocytopenia.

Q.   4. What is your next book about?

A. Basil M RuDusky I have no additional books planned, but I would like to redo and update the famous Dr. Paul Dudley White’s textbook, “Hearts, Their Long-term Follow-up”. I would also like to write a novel based on my essay “So Went Rome”, which has been rejected by every magazine I could think of.

Q.  5. Can you tell us about your career? Your educational background?

A. Basil M RuDusky My career has been based on the solo private practice of medicine: cardiovascular medicine, forensic medicine and internal medicine, the latter of which decreases my boredom. My educational background is noted in the biographical sketch.
Dr. RuDusky explanining ECG findings to a patient (Click picture to enlarge)
Dr. RuDusky explanining ECG findings to a patient (Click picture to enlarge)

Q.   6. Any fascinating experiences while writing this book, or while researching for this book?

A. Basil M RuDusky The fascinating and educational experiences were many as I went through the organization and writing the text of “Forensic Cardiovascular Medicine”. Some experiences were pleasant and satisfying, but were interspersed with an equal number of depressed thoughts, anger and disappointment, as I recalled each case and topic.

Q.  7. What is your main profession?

A. Basil M RuDusky My profession and career has been based on my acronym “HIKE” – Honesty, Integrity, Knowledge and Experience.

Q.  8. Could you tell us about your family? Did you inherit the love of science from your parents? How many children do you have? Would you be happy if they took up the forensic cardiovascular medicine as a profession? What are they doing now?

A. Basil M RuDusky I have a wife Bernadine and 2 sons, Daryl and Bryan. Daryl is a consultant in marketing and development in the electronics industry. Bryan is a dentist. Bernadine, the best of nurses, runs my office. I developed the love of science at age 8 or 9, with no assistance.

Q.  9. What do you hope to accomplish with your current book?

A. Basil M RuDusky My current book, “Forensic Cardiovascular Medicine” is the world’s first textbook on that subject. I hope it will serve the medical and legal professions toward a greater scientific and philosophic understanding of the subject. As stated in the dedication; “To those in the medical and legal professions who posses the highest qualities of honesty, integrity and independence in formulating their opinions and conclusion.”

Q.  10. What do you love most (besides your professional work and writing of course)?

A. Basil M RuDusky In my “younger” days I had an unquenchable passion for fencing which began in college at the Virginia Military Institute, where I captained the team, helped with the coaching and was Southern Conference fencing champion. This was accompanied by an equal fervor for automobiles – driving, design function and safety. I was responsible for getting the auto industry to have ventilation filters in their cars.
RuDusky's Superlatives
Dr. Basil M RuDusky M.D.

RuDusky is an amazing personality with so many facets. We requested him to answer some questions in short, so our readers could know him better. Here in a very short question and answer session you get to know RuDusky better:

Calling in life : To be an exemplary physician.

First award : Full scholarship to medical school.

First book : “Your Car Can Be Hazardous to Your Health”.

Greatest inspiration : Colonel Robert Caroll, VMI.

Greatest Love of my life : Was fencing.

I am most sensitive about : Lies.

I am passionate about : Automobiles.

I am superstitious about : Dreams.

I don't compromise with : My values.

I hate : Ignorance combined with stupidity.

I look forward to : Good food.

I Love : The earth – minus its inhabitants

I would like to be marooned on a desert island with : Rambo (a professional survivalist)

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be : To be less pessimistic

If I could change one thing about my family, it would be : To have had my mother live longer

If I could change one thing about the world, it would be : Total peace and ecologic awareness

My biggest assets : My mind.

My biggest fear : : Debilitating illness.

My Birthday Sign : Leo.

My current state of mind : Hopeful but concerned.

My favorite bedroom line : None

My favorite food : Pasta – all kinds

My favorite one-liner : I was born tired and never got rested

My favorite possession : My memory.

My favorite quote : "I only wrote the book, you don’t expect me to know what’s in it, do you"?

My favorite journey/holiday : Rome.

My greatest extravagance : Automobiles.

My greatest necessity : Peace and harmony within my profession.

My greatest regret : Not having accomplished more.

My Hero : Napoleon.

My idea of perfect happiness : To live in a world that sustains it.

My life’s mantra : Oh, Shit!

My most treasured possession : The book “The Beloved Physician”.

My sex appeal : My blue eyes.

My spice : Cinnamon.

My strength : Integrity.

My wildest fantasy : To be with aliens in a UFO.

Place Of Birth : Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania; USA.

Real Name : Same.

The move/case/book that kick started my career : Attending the Virginia Military Institute.

What touches me most : Sick or unhappy people.

When or where was I happiest : Rome.

Where do I see myself five years down the line : Still practicing medicine.

Who or what would I like to born as in my next life : An opera singer.

Q.  11. Your favorite dish, book, movie, star, person?

A. Basil M RuDusky Favorite dish: Linguini with red clam sauce.
Book: Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises”.
Movie: “Rome Adventure”.
Star: Debbie Reynolds.
Person: The fine lady who is doing and has done all of my computer work.

Q.  12. What do you dislike most?

A. Basil M RuDusky People who combine ignorance with stupidity.

Q.  13. What do you consider as your biggest achievement in life?

A. Basil M RuDusky Becoming an accomplished physician in spite of all odds.

Q.  14. If God asked you choose your profession again, what would it be and why?

A. Basil M RuDusky An opera star like Pavarotti, Domingo, or Carreras, because I love Puccini’s operas.

Q.  15. Have you ever traveled to India, or to Indian subcontinent? Would you like to visit, if such an opportunity arose?

A. Basil M RuDusky I have never been to India but would consider it.

Q.  16. What has been your biggest failure/disappointment?

A. Basil M RuDusky My biggest disappointment was not accomplishing more than I did.

Q.  17. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be, and why?

A. Basil M RuDusky To be less pessimistic. It would go a long way in alleviating all of my stressors.

Q.  18. If you could change one thing about your family, what would it be, and why?

A. Basil M RuDusky Better health and longevity.

Q.  19. Which living person do your admire most? Which person in entire history? Why?

A. Basil M RuDusky My son Daryl for his intellect, ingenuity and numerous abilities. In history, Napoleon Bonaparte – for his better accomplishments other than the chaos.

Q.  20. What is your life’s mantra?

A. Basil M RuDusky Answered in the box you did on me : “Oh, shit”.

Q.  21. In one line, how would you best describe yourself?

A. Basil M RuDusky Independent and introverted.

Q.  22. Are you interested in Science Fiction? Do you think SF is a good means to teach science to children?

A. Basil M RuDusky Yes and Yes.

Q.  23. Any awards (The question of first award has been asked as a box item)?

A. Basil M RuDusky Many, and to me, of little significance, but I am humbly proud to have been listed in the “Guide to America’s Top Physicians” and “The Guide to America’s Top Cardiologists.”

Q.  24. If you were marooned on a desert island, who/what would you like to be marooned with and why?

A. Basil M RuDusky Previously answered.

Q.  25. What do you do first thing in the morning?

A. Basil M RuDusky Brush my teeth.

Q.  26. And the last thing at night?

A. Basil M RuDusky Turn on the air cleaner.

Q.  27. Who/what would you like to be born as in your next birth?

A. Basil M RuDusky An opera singer.
Dr. RuDusky doing stress test on a patient (Click picture to enlarge)
Dr. RuDusky doing stress test on a patient (Click picture to enlarge)

Q.  28. If you were allowed a choice to live in one era of time (past, present or future), which one will you chose and why?

A. Basil M RuDusky Every era has its good and bad points –“ the pros and cons”, so I’ll have to stay where I am.

Q.  29. What do you do in your spare time? Your hobbies, interests?

A. Basil M RuDusky The care of my cars.

Q.  30. Are you religious? If yes, how do you reconcile religion with science, which is your profession?

A. Basil M RuDusky No. But it serves a purpose for most people, that is the decent ones.

Q.  31. If a youngster of about 12-13 years wanted to take up Forensic Cardiovascular Medicine as a career, how should he proceed?

A. Basil M RuDusky Become the most educated and scholarly person he can be, work hard and honestly and wait for experience to do the rest.

Q.  32. Your favorite authors/books?

A. Basil M RuDusky Hemingway: “The Sun Also Rises,” “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” etc.
Dan Brown: “The Da Vinci Code,” “Angels and Demons,” etc.

Q.  33. What is your opinion of the present status of American medicine”?

A. Basil M RuDusky I regret having to witness and live through the beginnings of its bureaucratic and governmental destruction.

Q.  34. What question would you ask Dr. RuDusky if you were in my place?

A. Basil M RuDusky What are your feelings about the present chaos throughout the world? The answer would be - If the present disharmony is allowed to continue by the deranged few over the decent majority we will witness the destruction of all the good we have known and cone to appreciate.

Click here to download Dr. RuDusky's CV.

Q.  35. Any message for our readers?

A. Basil M RuDusky Do not become so engrossed in medicine that you allow the rest of the world pass you by.

Basil M RuDusky  Basil M RuDusky can be approached via E-mail at

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-Anil Aggrawal


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