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Volume 5, Number 1, January - June 2004

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 Medicinal Plants in China - A selection of 150 commonly used species, Compiled by The Institute of Chinese Material Medica, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Paperback, 5.5" x 8.5".
World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Manila, Publication Date 1989 (2nd impression 1997), i- xv and 331 pages, ISBN 92-9061-102-2: Price: Sw.fr. 50.00

WHO's Catalogue of Publications

Medicinal Plants in China
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We keep receiving books for review from various publishers. However some books are of such paramount importance that we at the journal office thought one review may not be able to do justice to that book. One opinion may be slanted, perhaps by the individual tastes and preferences of the reviewer. Reviewers from different continents, nations, even different parts of the same nation may perceive a book differently. Why not send books to two or more different reviewers and get their opinion. We requested several publishers to do that and they obliged.

From Volume 3, Number 1, January - June 2002, we started reviews of certains books of paramount importance as "featured books". The first book to be featured on our journal was Ecotoxicology: The Study of Pollutants in Ecosystems by F. Moriarty (Published by Academic Press). Review of that book, as well as the combined index of reviews of all featured books can be accessed by clicking here.

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This time we sent four picture books on medicinal plants (Published by World Health Organization) for review to two well known experts. The books were (i) Medicinal Plants in China, (ii)Medicinal Plants in Vietnam, (iii)Medicinal Plants in the Republic of Korea and (iv) Medicinal Plants in the South Pacific. The two experts selected were (i) Dr. Gyan Fernando of UK and (ii) Dr Vijay Vasudev Pillay of India. Both of them are leading lights in their subjects and are widely respected all over the world.

While Dr. Pillay incorporated his opinions on all four books in a single review, Dr. Fernando obliged us with three different pieces, one reviewing "Medicinal Plants in China", the second reviewing "Medicinal Plants in Vietnam" and "Medicinal Plants in the Republic of Korea" together and the third reviewing "Medicinal Plants in the South Pacific".

The reviewers were not only requested to send us detailed reviews, but were asked to rate these books on a scale of ten. The following rating scale was provided to the reviewers.

0: Waste of time
1: Of minimal interest
2: Of little interest
3: Of some interest
4: Slightly below average
5: Average
6: Slightly above average
7: Good
8: Very Good
9: Excellent
10: Truly Outstanding

 Here are the reviews of "Medicinal Plants in China" - with ratings. Reviews of other three books appear on subsequent pages. Reviews of "Medicinal Plants in Vietnam" and "Medicinal Plants in the Republic of Korea" appear on page 3, while review of the fourth picture book "Medicinal Plants in the South Pacific" appear on page 4.

Review 1 by Gyan Fernando, UK

Review 2 by V.V.Pillay, India

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