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Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Vol. 7, No. 1, January - June 2006

Forthcoming Forensic Conferences


Dr. Rai Sudhir Prasad
Dr. Rai Sudhir Prasad, Organizing Secretary
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The Department of Forensic Medicine, Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences & Reseacrch, Amritsar - 143 501 (India) will be organizing the XXVIII Annual Conference of the Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine (Forensic Medicon 2007) at Amritsar (India), from 23rd to 26th February 2007.

A Continuing Medical Education (C.M.E.) programme would be held on 23rd February 2007, which would be mainly helpful for postgraduate students and young experts. The topic of the CME is "Legal Aspects of Medical Practice". The registration fee for the CME is Rs.500/- only. It is to be charged from those who will be registering only for the C.M.E. The registered delegates of the Conference need not pay separate registration fee for this.

The conference is ably supported by Dr. Baljit Singh Khurana (Treasurer), Dr. Pankaj Gupta (Joint Organising Secretary) and Dr Sanjay Bedi (Incharge Communications). Dr Sanjay Bedi can be contacted at Please see below for their pictures taken exclusively during the organization of this conference.

The Scientific Sessions of the Conference include many interesting topics. Have a sampling
Dates: 24-26 February, 2007

Left to Right Dr. Baljit Singh Khurana (Treasurer), Dr. Rai Sudhir Prasasd (Organising Secretary) and Dr. Pankaj Gupta (Joint Organising Secretary)
Dr Sanjay Bedi (Incharge Communications)
Top: left to right - Dr. Baljit Singh Khurana (Treasurer), Dr. Rai Sudhir Prasasd (Organising Secretary) and Dr. Pankaj Gupta (Joint Organising Secretary)
Below: Dr Sanjay Bedi (Incharge Communications)
1. Forensic Osteology and Dentistry
2. Quality Management in Sexual Assault Cases
3. Interesting Aspects of Injuries
4. Interesting Case Reports
5. Environmental Health Hazards
6. Organ Transplantation from human cadavers
7. Role of Forensic Nursing to improve quality of
medico-legal work
8. Critical analysis of brain mapping and truth serum
9. Recent Advances in Forensic Medicine and
10. Advancement in Teaching of Forensic Medicine
11. Uniformity in Medicolegal Practices
12. Medicolegal Aspects of Genetic research in
Human Beings
13. Forensic Dentistry
14 Medical Aspects of Terrorism and Its Management

Abstract (not more than 200 words) must be submitted by 31st October 2006, and Full paper to be submitted by 31st December, 2006. Oral presentation will be restricted to 8+2=10 minutes duration only. Please submit entire Presentation on a Floppy/CD Writer in MS Word/Power Point by 31st December, 2006. Please mention your choice of ORAL/POSTER PRESENTATION.

Dr. Rai Sudhir Prasad promises a very comfortable and fruitful stay at Amritsar. Besides your academic appetite, the organizers hope to whet your appetite for sight seeing also. The city of Amritsar symbolises spiritual heritage of the people of Punjab. Over the years, it has developed into a religious, cultural and commercial centre. The records of this city indicate that this place was visited by Gautama, the Buddha and Guru Nanak Dev. Sri Guru Ram Dasji, the Fourth Sikh Guru moved to this place in the year 1563. He made his abode by the side of a pool of water. This pool of water is believed to have received the miraculous touch of a large number of rishs and muns, and this place acquired the status of ath-sath tirtha (the sixty-eight pilgrimages)..This pool is now rightly called 'Amrit Sarovar' the pool of Nectar. The town which developed around this pool was first named as Guru-ka-Chak, or ChakRamdaspur, and subsequently named as Amritsar the amrit sarovar.

Golden temple
The Golden temple, one of the most sacred sites of Hindus and Sikhs

The fifth Guru, Sri Guru Arjan Devji carried on the work and built a Temple in the midst of this pool, and subsequently placed the Sikh holy scripture, the Adi Granth, in the year 1604. The Sixth Guru, Hargobind, who had taken up arms against the Mughal tyranny, adorned two swords of meeri and peeri the temporal and spiritual. While he had built a fortress, Lohgarh, on the outskirts of the town, he had built a throne in the precincts of the Golden temple, which was known as the Akal Takhat the Throne Eternal or the Court Divine. Thus Amritsar soon became the spiritual capital of the Sikhs. What Mecca is to the Muslims, Jerusalum to the Christians, Amritsar is to the Sikhs.

The Holy Granth of the Sikhs, compiled by the Fifth Guru, was installed in the Golden Temple in September 1604. This Granth also includes the compositions of various bhaktas and saints from different castes and religions, such as Sheikh Farid, Kabir, Nam Dev, Jaidev, Trilochan, Dhanna Jat, Ravi Das Ji and others. This Granth spreads the message of truth and universal brother-hood sabhe sajhiwl sadyin, tn kisai na disaih bhar jo. Every living soul (in this world) is known to be of Thy community. There seems to be none who is different from Thee.


1. Sri Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple): (Described above).

Jalianwala Bagh
Jalianwala Bagh, which has become a symbol of struggle for independence

2. Jalianwala Bagh: About a few meters from Golden Temple is situated this historic monument. On the day of Baisakhi of 1919, General Dyer ordered firing on Indians participating peacefully in a political meeting. About 1500 to 2000 innocent people were killed or wounded. This park has a memorial to the persons who were killed in the National liberation movement. The memorial is a red sand- stone pillar, 45 feet high, with artistic curves engraved on it which depicts the 'Flame of Liberty' and is set in a pool of water.

3. Sri Laxmi Narayan Temple or the Durgiana Mandir:Situated outside the Lohgarh Gate, is designed on the pattern of Golden Temple. It is also in the middle of a pool of water. This temple was constructed in the 1930.

4. Ram Tirtha: About 10 kms from the city, there is the historic place of Ram Tirath. According to the popular legend, the place is associated with Rishi Balmiki who gave shelter in his Ashram to Mata Sitaji during the latter's exile. The war between Lord Rama and his sons LUV and KUSH is also believed to have been fought at this place.

Indo-Pak border Wagah
Indo-Pak border Wagah

5. Indo-Pak border Wagah (25 kms): This place has become a must-visit place for the tourists. The beating retreat in the evenings is a grand spectacle to watch.

6. Goindwal Sahib (40 km): This is an old historical town situated on the banks of River Beas. The original Grand Trunk road, got constructed by Sher Shah Suri, ran along this town. It was commercial hub during the days of the Third Guru, Amar Das, who lived there and had a bol (deep well) built in the town.

7. Tarn Taran Sahib (25 kms): This town was founded by the Fifth Guru, Arjan Dev. There is a magnificient Gurdwara, known as Sri Harimandir Sahib. 8. Hari-ke Pattan (Wetlands), where birds from Siberia migrate during the winters. In the month of February, it is a good retreat for the bird-watchers.


Airport: Amritsar International Airport is situated about 20 kms from the conference venue. There are regular flights from Delhi by Indian Airlines, Air India and Deccan Airlines. Singpore, Sharjah, Birmingham, Heathrow, Toronto, Tashkent, etc. are directly connected by the Singapore Airlines, Indian Airlines, Air India, Uzbekistan Airlines, Turkmenistan Airlines, Jet Airways etc.

Railways: Amritsar railway station is situated about 12 km from the Conference venue connecting, directly or via Delhi, the whole of India. For details, Tables 4, 12, 13, 15, 41, 51 & 80 of the Indian Railways Time Table may be perused. BUS TERMINUS: International: For Amritsar-Lahore- Amritsar-Bus

Domestic: Directly connecting the entire Punjab, Incldg Chandigarh, Ambala, Shimla, Delhi, Jaipur etc.

Please download the registration form by clicking here, fill it up and send it by Email to or speed post to the address given below.

Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences & Reseacrch
Vallah-Mehta Road
Amritsar - 143 501 (India)

For registraation of this exciting conference and further details contact:

Tel Nos: 0183-2587615 (Conference Sectt)

0-98888-91390 (Dr. Pankaj Gupta)

0-98888-17658 (Dr. B.S. Khurana)

0-98147-70241 (Dr. Raminder Sandhu)

0-94170-92541 (Dr. R.S. Prasad)


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Conferences announced in the last issue (Volume 3, Number 2, July - December 2002)

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